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Barbara MacPhail

Barbara MacPhail

Oakdale, CA


I have found a passion for PhotoArt. In high school, I was an math, art, science major. But instead of going into an art career I signed up for Dental Assisting at a local vocational school. Chair Side Dental Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Registered Dental Assistant, Dental Office Management in California and Oregon were some of the positions I held. I also taught Dental Assisting for very short time. During some of my last years in dentistry I was able to keep my creative side alive by working with the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. At that time I was commuting from Oakdale to Sonora, CA which meant miles on the road. A passion developed with the purchase of my first digital camera. Camera in hand both going and coming and photo shoots on lunch hours captured me! I still have an affinity for capturing on the go. Now retired, I have more time to capture moments with my camera and creating in my digital dark room. You will find kaleidoscopic images throughout my portfolio. I certainly can lose myself in the magic of creating art with color, texture and design. I draw inspiration from all around me. I have not been to many far away places like many of you but I feel blessed to have been able to travel to Florida, Washington State, Canada, and Arizona. Every opportunity to be able to share and have others share their art blesses all of us.

Other than high school I have not had any formal training. I am self-taught. I do strive to learn and grow in all I do.... with God's help. I don't know where the GOOD LORD will take me from here, but I do know that without a doubt in my mind and heart that wherever He takes me I can trust HIM completely. My prayer is that you too have found that trust in Him as well. HE CARES ABOUT YOU.....and I care about YOU......
In God I trust.
Pass it On.

6-26-2014...............This past February I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. And with that said: Please join me in celebrating every breath we take.......for only God knows how many we will have......and I am trusting HIM to show me HIS WILL for my life! Jesus is my ROCK!

My concentration: Putting God first in my life! How about you?


Mandala Ornate by Barbara MacPhail


Bows Undercover by Barbara R MacPhail


Green Works by Barbara MacPhail


Color Me Peacock by Barbara MacPhail


Dot Dot 2 by Barbara R MacPhail


Brush On by Barbara R MacPhail


Brush In by Barbara R MacPhail


Royalty by Barbara R MacPhail


Dot Dot 1 by Barbara MacPhail


Dot Dot by Barbara R MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 10 by Barbara R MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 8 by Barbara MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 7 by Barbara MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 6 by Barbara R MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 5 by Barbara MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 4 by Barbara MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 3 by Barbara MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 2 by Barbara MacPhail


Transformers-bmac 1 by Barbara R MacPhail


Look for the EYE by Barbara MacPhail


Colorscape by Barbara MacPhail


Dotline by Barbara R MacPhail


Bored Board by Barbara R MacPhail


Metal Lace by Barbara R MacPhail


Low and Behold by Barbara R MacPhail


Taking a Peek by Barbara R MacPhail


Into Stripes by Barbara R MacPhail


Pinwheel Ready to Spin by Barbara R MacPhail


Tune Sixteen II by Barbara MacPhail


Tune Sixteen by Barbara R MacPhail


Fan into Blue by Barbara R MacPhail


Breaking Through by Barbara R MacPhail


Ready to Begin by Barbara MacPhail


Butterfly Shadows by Barbara MacPhail


Pail of Flower by Barbara MacPhail


WeeePaint by Barbara MacPhail


Spin to Blur by Barbara MacPhail


Fabric in a Spin by Barbara MacPhail


SpinWheel by Barbara MacPhail


DoorKnobs in the Round by Barbara MacPhail


Boots in a Spin by Barbara MacPhail


In Faint by Barbara MacPhail


Stars on the Mute by Barbara MacPhail


StarMix by Barbara MacPhail


Flower Surround by Barbara MacPhail


Capture the Moments by Barbara MacPhail


Hearts in Pink by Barbara MacPhail


Color on Color by Barbara MacPhail